SOUL+CO helps bring out the best in people and companies, so we can collectively bring out the best in the world. 

Embrace Humanity. Everyone Profits.


About (SOUL + CO)

SOUL+CO inspires organizations to be more human through insights, experiences, art and soul.  As a result - people evolve.

Through simple tools based on universally familiar concepts, we help people and companies gain greater self awareness and allow organizations to prioritize investments, drive success and have a significant impact on society.

Founded by Allison Arden, a transformational business leader, author and advocate for using our platforms for good, SOUL+CO will have goodness at its core.  Each SOUL engagement will contribute to organizations helping to bring soul to their local community.

Join us. #embracesoul

soul (defined)
A grounding, centering force from which goodness can flow. 



We believe in the power of the human spirit, in our ability to do great things and create positive and incredible change in the world, through the power of our individual platforms, our companies and communities.

The challenges feel complex, but the best solutions are simple.

Each one of us is a leader with the ability to touch another's life and make a significant difference.

By reframing our perspective, setting intentions and remaining focused on our objectives, we can choose to take actions that create progress.

If we redefine how we think about profit, we can expand the impact we have on the world, together.

Embrace Humanity. Everyone Profits.


(Does Your Company Have SOUL?)

With so many competing priorities, even companies with the best intentions can sometimes lose sight of the principles that are essential to sustaining success and evolving to a more modern organization. 

Leadership changes, mergers and acquisitions, changing market conditions or simply looking for greater clarity on what is on the minds of your employees, creates opportunity to bring soul to your company.

The SOUL metric is an at-a-glance insights tool measuring the four elements of today's most successful companies: Strategy, Opportunity, Unity + Love.  

SOUL helps companies align their business objectives more closely with the needs and desires of Millennials, Gen-Z, and the overall changing face of the workplace.

At this time, we are previewing SOUL with a select group of companies to bring soul to their organizations. We would love to work with you. Click below and someone from our team will be in touch. 


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