SOUL is for brave leaders who want to embrace a new way of thinking about

the role companies play in the lives of employees and society.


Bring out the best in people so: they bring out the best in business.


Soulful. Not soul crushing.



SOUL ties together the needs of employees and social impact with bottom line performance. It’s part assessment where we uncover the current state of things, part soul searching and part change making where we work with your teams to create the change you want to see and build a thriving workplace that outperforms. An investment you can feel good about, SOUL engagements result in contributions to organizations that bring soul to their community. 

Assess. Get to the heart of things and the needs of the modern workplace.

Explore. Tap into the true state of connectedness between your people, your culture and your mission.

Evolve. Develop your winning formula that drives bottom line impact and a healthful state of being.


Founder: SOUL + CO was founded by Allison Arden, 25 year advertising & media veteran, and published author, who spent a decade as publisher of Advertising Age. 

Track Record: Allison has spent her career transforming brands into multi-platform, multimillion dollar businesses. She led Ad Age through the economic downturn and major product expansion launching custom content, events, video programming and awards. 

Social Good: With a passion for evolution and using platforms for good, Allison collaborated with the Effie Awards to create the GoodWorks initiative, celebrating companies using their platform for good and authored the Book of Doing, Everyday Activities to Unlock Creativity and Joy with Penguin Publishing in 2012, to help people get unstuck and find their passion. 

Honors + More: Allison is the recipient of the AAF Hall of Achievement and Top Women in Media awards. Allison sits on the boards for John A. Reisenbach Foundation and the VCU BrandCenter. She lives in NYC with her husband and two children. 

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soul (defined)

noun /sōl/:

grounding, centering force from which goodness can flow.

Spread goodness.