SOUL™ is for brave leaders embracing a new way of thinking about

the role companies play in the lives of employees and society.

Bring out the best in people so: they bring out the best in business.

Soulful. Not soul crushing.



Business has changed - the pace, the models, and the people walking in and out of your doors each night. Change can be hard, but it creates opportunity for you to make new choices and build a brighter future which include the needs of your business, your people, and your potential to have a positive impact on society.

We call it SOUL™- Strategy Opportunity Unity Love™.

Using research and interactive workshops, we work with you to explore your organization with clear eyes to create self-awareness, identify risk, and choose new ways of acting and being that improve team dynamics, create meaning, and drive bottom-line impact. 

Assess. True understanding is the key to success.  Using our SoulSearching™ method and assessment platform, the SOUL+CO™ team consults with you to create clarity around the human side of your business.

Explore. The SOUL Squad™ works with you and your teams to create workshops and experiences that explore the elements of your culture and yourselves to build the formulas that create sustainable success.

Evolve. The result is a deeply connected organization with a sense of connectedness and an on-going proprietary toolset that empowers personal growth, greater collaboration, and results.

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soul (defined)

noun /sōl/:

grounding, centering force from which goodness can flow.

Spread goodness.